Dave's kladblog is the inspirational blog of myself and my company Ontwerp in Uitvoering (Design in Progress). I focus on visualization through animation, illustration and sculptures. But I love to do everything! This blog will contain bits about design, branding, applied arts, media, managing creativity and lots more. Have fun!

Augmented Reality watch

Being a great fan of Augmented Reality I love to see the development of AR in technique as well as its use and purpose. Here is a nice commercial use of AR which really captures the audience imagination. Tissot launched a first AR window at Selfridges, London. To experience it yourself check out www.tissot.ch/reality to download the application at home.

"Augmented Reality watch" - Tissot

Tags: augmented reality, advertising, interaction

Interactive digital painting

Greyworld, a London-based art collective, worked in partnership with Nokia to create the Paint Wall. But instead of paint, it uses pixels. It's a huge six metre long, two and a half metre high interactive artwork that lets you splash digital content onto a wall of LED lights. Fill a bucket with a photo of yourself and throw it onto the wall. Better still, use a Nokia N8 and the Paint Wall app to blow paint onto the wall. It's all down to infrared cameras, accelerometers and a great deal of clever coding. Seriously fun technology. - Text from Nokia on Youtube

"Paint wall" - Nokia

Tags: installation, interaction, design

"Seat" sculpture Marjon Katerberg

zitsculptuur Marjon Katerberg

Come, watch and enjoy the "seat sculpture" by Marjon Katerberg!

The sculpture stands next to the Tropenmuseum in the Dapperbuurt in Amsterdam.


Tags: art, sculpture

Life in a day project

An interesting idea, a huge filmbased social media platform, the help of a famous producers and millions of potential filmmakers around the world. The "Life in a day"-project is a global experiment created by enthusiasts portraying 24 hours on earth.

"Life in a day" - trailer

Link to "Life in a day" - channel

Tags: video, interaction


The sharing of knowledge and the combination of abilities may lead to faster and/or better results. Here you have a nice presentation on how this may work. Also for you! Use it to your inspiration or even advantage if you will and make it happen: "1+1=2"! The animation is created by RSA.

"Where good ideas come from" - Steven Johnson

Tags: development, animation

Histor promotion

To generate free publicity which justifies a large investment you have to be creative and cutting edge. And even then it can only work if it gets picked up by the potential target group. No details are known on how succesfull it was but what a great brand activation project by Brandbase/Edelman for Histor using a projection mapping technique.

Histor - Colour explosion from BrandBase on Vimeo.

Tags: branding, projection mapping, advertising

An "Oink" from Sjeng

Expect the unexpected when you have a day at Sjeng's. Will be continued soon!

Project "Oink"

Thanks, Jan!


Tags: concept, design, interaction

Arcade Fire interactive video



This is the very cool interactive video "The wilderness downtown" by Arcade Fire starring your own neighbourhood! The project is build in html5.

Click the image to go to the website.


Tags: music video, website, interaction

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