Dave's kladblog is the inspirational blog of myself and my company Ontwerp in Uitvoering (Design in Progress). I focus on visualization through animation, illustration and sculptures. But I love to do everything! This blog will contain bits about design, branding, applied arts, media, managing creativity and lots more. Have fun!

Interactive video "Rome"



More control over a music video in this one from Danger Mouse and Daniele Lippi. I like!

Click on the image to go to the website www.ro.me. Best viewed in Google Chrome.


Tags: music video, website, interaction

Fremont Street Experience

Somewhere around 2004 the Fremont Street Experience (Las Vegas) initiated "Viva vision". It's an enormous lights and animation display containing over 12.5 million LED modules producing animation and images. Although most of what can be found on the internet which has been shown doesn't appeal to me, a midnight techno animation did show the potential of this 17 million dollar project.

"Fremont Street Experience - Techno"

Tags: video, installation

Cross section projection

This interactive art installation is a series of four translucent screens, each representing a solid cross section of time and space. Virtual 3D bodies passing through the sections deflect and ricochet thousands of surrounding light particles. The viewer directly affects the gravity, direction and speed as they walk through the space. Beautiful and infinite formations are created. Text from Youtube by Eness.

"Cross sections in space" - Eness

Tags: installation, video, projection

AR Iron Man




Face recognition combined with Augmented Reality and promotion leads in this case to a fine project of the Iron Man 2 movie. It does makes me wonder why I haven't picked up on it any sooner?

You need to install a plugin for it to work and I have a feeling it only works on Internet Explorer.


Tags: augmented reality, advertisement, website, interaction

Stop motion video?

A very nice video by Eran Amir. 500 people holding more than 1,500 developed pictures all around Israel, creating a smooth music video within their hands. The song is "Malinkovec Valzer" by Maxmaber Orkestar. The logistics were probably more challenging than the technique. Nevertheless a fine result!

"500 people in 100 seconds!" - Eran Amir

Tags: animation, video

Kinetic wave sculptures

Reuben Margolin, a Bay Area visionary and longtime maker, creates totally singular techno-kinetic wave sculptures. Using everything from wood to cardboard to found and salvaged objects, Reubens artwork is diverse, with sculptures ranging from tiny to looming, motorized to hand-cranked. Focusing on natural elements like a discrete water droplet or a powerful ocean eddy, his work is elegant and hypnotic. Also, learn how ocean waves can power our future. Learn more about Reuben at http://www.reubenmargolin.com/ - Text from Youtube, MAKE: television

"Kinetic wave sculptures" - MAKE: television

Tags: sculptures, installation, interaction

Business Model You





Business Model You is an initiative to help the individual in his or her development in business and personal life. To say it very simplistic: Business Model You is the translation of Business Model Generation to a personal level in career development. With some inspiration by Jelle Bartels (one of the BMY contributors) I translated my working experience to a strong plan which helped me finding my new challenge.

The book is well on its way and is for everyone who wants to have a fresh look into his or hers personal situation. Check http://businessmodelyou.com/.


Tags: business, development, management

Hi tech fashion

Already from a few years ago but still very impressive. Fashion designer Hussein Chalayan created "transformer dresses" which leap through three decades of fashion. These dresses combine art and technique to the very extreme. Let's hope the software doesn't get infected by a virus so that the dress will malfunction!

"Transformer dresses" - Hussein Chalayan

Tags: fashion, technology, art, design

Brands designed by users



User interaction in graphic design? This article shows two bold new logo and branding experiments which allow users to redesign the mark. So how are designers approaching the launch of a community, rather than just a design? It's funny that the article itself doesn't go into details on the consequences of user interaction in brand design. So after you've read the article do keep on reading on the comments. The discussion in those comments about the "death of design" or "aesthetics" give the article more depth and therefor make it more relevant.
Click on the image to read the full article on fastcodesign.com.


Tags: brand management, graphic design, interaction


What makes you different or as a company what is your unique selling point (USP)? Who are you? What is your strength? And how will the whole world know about this? This next introduction animation might be interesting for everyone, individuals and companies, who want to learn more about just that.

"Different" - Youngme Moon

Tags: animation, branding

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