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Yosemite timelapse video

Nature + timelapse = beautiful.

"Yosemite HD" - ProjectYosemite

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The tech world is one big happy family

The “tech world” is really more of a “tech family.” Between digital giants’ appetites for acquisitions and the tendency of their ex-employees to start new companies, it’s easy to see how nearly every blip in the ecosystem is closely related. Text by Sarah Kessler on mashable.com.
Click the image to see the infographic.

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A thunderstorm in a beautiful summer sky

Enjoy Han Hoogerbrugge.

"A thunderstorm in a beautiful summer sky" - Prostress

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Print less, save trees

Sort of a reaction on the "Facebook book" a few posts earlier. Just to take the environment a bit more into account when printing from the internet use this incredible tool: Printfriendly.
I know it's not a great video (it's more instructional than promotional) but let's say it's for a good cause.

"Print Friendly" - tnorrish

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Eyeshine (2011, Golan Levin and Kyle McDonald) is an interactive installation which captures, records and replays the retroreflections (red-eye effects) from the eyes of its observers. In doing so it presents an image wholly constructed through the process of being observed. Text from flong.com.
Click the image to read the full article on flong.com and see a video of the result.

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Theo Jansen - kinetic sculptures

One for you to enjoy.

"Theo Jansen at TED, 2007" - craftsmagazine

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Facebook hardcopy

A clever campaign for Bougues Telecom by DDB (Paris, France): the Facebook book. Then it was just a cool idea but it seems to have become reality (check this).

"Bouygues Telecom: Flashback Book Facebook App" - carlosmerigo

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Storm Corrosion - Drag ropes video

From the self-titled debut album "Storm Corrosion," featuring Opeth's Mikael Akerfeldt and Porcupine Tree's Steven Wilson. Great shadowplay/animation by South African stop-motion animator Jessica Cope. Jessica is currently working on the coming Tim Burton film Frankenweenie.

"Storm Corrosion - Drag ropes" - RoadrunnerRecords

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Secret Walls

Monorex, the originators of the Secret Wars live art battle concept, have unveiled a rebrand as they prepare for a major roll out of activity across the UK, US, Europe and Australasia in 2012/13.

“The SECRET WALLS has been developed because what started out as an informal art movement, has developed into a global brand and we wanted to ensure it had a more distinctive identity and avoid confusion.”

“When we started the original SW art battles concept we didn’t realise how big it would become, we just wanted to provide a creative platform for artists, from the urban scene, to express themselves and that still remains our mission. Winning a Secret Walls battle certainly gives the artist exposure to a larger audience, particularly now urban art culture is becoming more a part of contemporary life and attracts a much wider following.” says founder Terry Guy.

Underground live performance in music has always been there, but it has extended into other experiences like live art battles and cinema. We wanted to focus the SECRET WALLS on its medium; the walls the artists compete on.

The rules of engagement remain the same: two artists (or teams) go head to head in a 90 minute art battle, armed only with black markers, their imagination and their skill. Winners are assessed by a combination of guest judges and crowd noise.

“The live art events take place at secret venues in front of audiences of anywhere between 500 and 2,000 people. We have a great programme of events lined up for 2012 so it was a perfect time to launch our new brand name and identity and website” says Guy.

The movie above is an oldie for your pleasure. Text from thesecretwalls.com

To know more about Secret Walls, visit their website.

"Secret Wars - Grand Final - 2009" - andyschon

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John Peel's record collection goes online

Can It Really Be Happening? Yes, it is! The contents of one of the most important and eclectic modern music collections in the world - John Peel’s personal record collection, is starting to be made public for the first time through an online archive.

John Peel’s family, The John Peel Centre for the Creative Arts, Eye Film and TV, and website company Klik, are working together to create an online archive of John Peel’s record collection, including specially created videos of key artists, John Peel’s home movies, John’s hand-typed note cards, and other content.

John Peel’s personal record collection consists of over 26,000 LPs, 40,000 singles and many thousands of CDs.

The project will release the names and song titles of 100 records a week from the collection, for 26 weeks between May- Oct, featuring the first records from one letter of the alphabet each week. People will be able to listen online to many of these records via links compiled by the project.

Each week, one artist will be chosen for a video interview, which will feature alongside the collection- these artists are being chosen by Sheila Ravenscroft (John Peel’s wife) and their children.

Releasing the contents of the whole collection and digitising it is a long term goal. The John Peel Centre for the Creative Arts will therefore be looking for further funding to continue the project after October when the Arts Council funding finishes.

The John Peel project is one of 53 creative arts projects being funded by Arts Council England with BBC partnership, as part of a new digital arts and culture media service called The Space. People will be able to access the John Peel archive and other creative arts projects on The Space by going to www.thespace.org.

The direct link to the John Peel section is http://thespace.org/items/s000004u. The movie below is part 1 of 4 about a record box find after John Peel passed away in 2004.

"John Peel's Record Box (1/4)" - JohnPeel3904

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