Dave's kladblog is the inspirational blog of myself and my company Ontwerp in Uitvoering (Design in Progress). I focus on visualization through animation, illustration and sculptures. But I love to do everything! This blog will contain bits about design, branding, applied arts, media, managing creativity and lots more. Have fun!

Understand music

A beautiful animation about music to make the holidays even more pleasant.

"Understand music" - finally.

Tags: animation, music

IJsbeeldenfestival Zwolle 2012-2013

Check out the ice sculptures at IJsbeeldenfestival Zwolle. I got to make the Cinderella carriage in cooperation with Martin de Zoete. You can visit the festival until 27-01-2013. The following text is from Richard van der Laan:

250,000 kilograms of ice and 250,000 kilograms of snow will be used to represent the fairytales of Little Red Riding Hood, Puss in Boots, Cinderella and Rumpelstiltskin, making it the single biggest ice sculpture festival in Europe. This winter will see Zwolle’s city centre dominated by the Grimm brothers and their famous fairytales. Dozens of Dutch and international ice artists will be creating ice sculptures on the Rodetorenplein square, showing off their personal interpretation of the Grimm tales.

"IJsbeelden Festival Zwolle 2012/2013" - Richard van der Laan

Tags: sculptures

Walt Disney & Salvador Dali - Destino

Seriously, I have never heard of this project but am so pleased to have found it. The following text is from "JOnas3MokaQ":

The film tells the story of Chronos, the personification of time and the inability to realize his desire to love for a mortal. The scenes blend a series of surreal paintings of Dali with dancing and metamorphosis. The target production began in 1945, 58 years before its completion and was a collaboration between Walt Disney and the Spanish surrealist painter, Salvador Dalí. Salvador Dali and Walt Disney Destiny was produced by Dali and John Hench for 8 months between 1945 and 1946. Dali, at the time, Hench described as a "ghostly figure" who knew better than Dali or the secrets of the Disney film. For some time, the project remained a secret. The work of painter Salvador Dali was to prepare a six-minute sequence combining animation with live dancers and special effects for a movie in the same format of "Fantasia." Dali in the studio working on The Disney characters are fighting against time, the giant sundial that emerges from the great stone face of Jupiter and that determines the fate of all human novels. Dalí and Hench were creating a new animation technique, the cinematic equivalent of "paranoid critique" of Dali. Method inspired by the work of Freud on the subconscious and the inclusion of hidden and double images. Dalí said: "Entertainment highlights the art, its possibilities are endless." The plot of the film was described by. Dalí as "A magical display of the problem of life in the labyrinth of time." Walt Disney said it was "A simple story about a young girl in search of true love."

"Walt Disney's & Salvador Dali - Destino" - JOnas3MokaQ

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Virtual pottery wheel

Unfold & Tim Knapen developed for L'Artisan Electronique an installation of a virtual pottery wheel which is connected to a 3D ceramic printer. It was presented at the exhibition Design by Performance.

"3D Ceramic Printer - Artisan Electronique - Z33 @ Ventura Lambrate" - Alberto D'Ottavi

Tags: installation, 3D-printing

Brush with death

It happens to every artist once in a while...

"Brush with death" - CorridorDigital

Tags: video, art

Multimedia sand sculpture

Sand sculptures old fashioned? I just recently stumbled upon this beauty. This project is for the start of the new Filmmuseum in Amsterdam. Project by Wieden+Kennedy, sand sculpture by Sand Factory and video projection by Theo Watson.

Filmmuseum - Sand sculpture & video projection from Sylvain Lierre on Vimeo.

"Filmmuseum - Sand sculpture & video projection" - Sylvain Lierre

Tags: sculpture, projection mapping, video, installation

Photoshop - the game

LevelUp for Photoshop is a game of missions — and points and rewards — that guide you along the way of learning basic Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 and CS6 software skills. If you are a photographer and are just starting to use Photoshop, this is the game for you.

Complete missions to get points and badges. Every 400 points gives you an entry in our weekly drawing. - Text from Adobe.

Could this be the new way to instruct your clients? Keep them wanting more? Get them to stay with you forever? Click the image to go to the website of LevelUp for Photoshop and have fun.

Tags: internet, game, advertising

Step into the world of National Geographic

Get people involved. Get them INSIDE your world. That must have been the idea of National Geographic with this augmented reality campaign.

"Live Augmented Reality-National Geographic" - AvatarSupiddGuy

Tags: augmented reality, advertising

Human proportion calculator

For everyone who gets stuck sometimes when it comes down into getting the right proportions when drawing or sculpting humans.
Click the image to go to the website of the Human Proportion Calculator.

Tags: internet, art

Liesa van der Aa's music video album "Troops"

10 different artists made 10 videoclips for the the 10 tracks on Liesa Van der Aa's debut album "Troops". Check out all these videoclips at www.liesavanderaa.be

"Liesa van der Aa - Troops" - jeroenboomtown

Tags: video, music, art

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