Dave's kladblog is the inspirational blog of myself and my company Ontwerp in Uitvoering (Design in Progress). I focus on visualization through animation, illustration and sculptures. But I love to do everything! This blog will contain bits about design, branding, applied arts, media, managing creativity and lots more. Have fun!

Virtual pottery wheel

Unfold & Tim Knapen developed for L'Artisan Electronique an installation of a virtual pottery wheel which is connected to a 3D ceramic printer. It was presented at the exhibition Design by Performance.

"3D Ceramic Printer - Artisan Electronique - Z33 @ Ventura Lambrate" - Alberto D'Ottavi

Tags: installation, 3D-printing


Eyeshine (2011, Golan Levin and Kyle McDonald) is an interactive installation which captures, records and replays the retroreflections (red-eye effects) from the eyes of its observers. In doing so it presents an image wholly constructed through the process of being observed. Text from flong.com.
Click the image to read the full article on flong.com and see a video of the result.

Tags: installation, interaction

Tetris on building

After a long break I finally am going to pick up on my blog again. And let me start with this old one, back in the days, 1995, I was studying at the Technical University of Delft. The quality is totally crap (hey, it was the mid nineties) but try to enjoy. You will need to understand Dutch to make it all worthwile. - Cheers, Dave

The Electrical Engineering Student Association ETV celebrated in November 1995 its ninetieth anniversary and used this huge stunt to op its anniversary year.
The World largest Tetris Game on a building and of course on the internet. People all over the world could play the game Tetris by using a simple telnet session and all the West of Holland could watch what they were doing on this building.
At the same time the Telecom Student Club of ETV used a GSM telephone and a laptop to put every 10 seconds a picture on the Web. So this way you could see the crowd in front of the building watching the game you were playing...
On a 96meters high building, we used 15 floors and each floor had 10 rooms. So we created a huge billboard of more than 2000m2. jwlendfers - text from YouTube

"Tetris for buildings" - jwlendfers

Tags: games, installation, interaction design

Gaming experience

Ultimate Battlefield 3 simulator by the Gadget Show
This is a world first. A unique FPS simulator that turns gaming into reality as you move, aim, fire and get shot within a 360-degree immersive environment.

Using a pre-release copy of Battlefield 3 and a team of top technology experts from across Europe we've built a truly one of a kind simulator.

Centred on the world's first, portable omni-directional treadmill (designed by Swedish company MSE Weibull) the simulator lets you control the movements of a Battlefield 3 character with your own body. Other key technology employed includes: an Igloo Vision projection dome; 12 paintball markers that allow the player, in real time, to feel the enemy gunfire experienced in the game; a wireless gun system; ambient LED lighting; and an Xbox Kinect camera hack. The Gadget Show - text from YouTube

"Ultimate Battlefield 3 simulator" - The Gadget Show

Tags: games, user experience, interaction design

Rowing skeletons art installation

After a two-year hiatus, San Francisco-based artist Peter Hudson returns to Burning Man 2011 and the forum of public art with his latest piece, Charon. Charon is a three-dimensional stroboscopic zoetrope commemorating one of the great rites of human passage. - Text from Peter Hudson design

"Charon by Peter Hudson" - makigill

Tags: art, installation

Vinyl arcade

Such a bummer that I missed this at the TodaysArt Festival. Although it breaks my vinyl collecting heart if there would be this long lost record somewhere in that track!

Lucas Abela (aka Justice Yeldham) from Austrialia has created Vinyl Rally. Vinyl Rally combines vinyl fetishism, video arcade mystique and the machismo of motor sports into a video game played within a real world setting. Imagine racing remote-controlled cars with styli (record needles) attached to their chassis across a track constructed from over 6.000 disused vinyl records. Insane!

"The vinyl rally" - Justice Yeldham

Tags: installation, interaction, gaming

Cross section projection

This interactive art installation is a series of four translucent screens, each representing a solid cross section of time and space. Virtual 3D bodies passing through the sections deflect and ricochet thousands of surrounding light particles. The viewer directly affects the gravity, direction and speed as they walk through the space. Beautiful and infinite formations are created. Text from Youtube by Eness.

"Cross sections in space" - Eness

Tags: installation, video, projection

Interactive digital painting

Greyworld, a London-based art collective, worked in partnership with Nokia to create the Paint Wall. But instead of paint, it uses pixels. It's a huge six metre long, two and a half metre high interactive artwork that lets you splash digital content onto a wall of LED lights. Fill a bucket with a photo of yourself and throw it onto the wall. Better still, use a Nokia N8 and the Paint Wall app to blow paint onto the wall. It's all down to infrared cameras, accelerometers and a great deal of clever coding. Seriously fun technology. - Text from Nokia on Youtube

"Paint wall" - Nokia

Tags: installation, interaction, design