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Step into the world of National Geographic

Get people involved. Get them INSIDE your world. That must have been the idea of National Geographic with this augmented reality campaign.

"Live Augmented Reality-National Geographic" - AvatarSupiddGuy

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AR Iron Man




Face recognition combined with Augmented Reality and promotion leads in this case to a fine project of the Iron Man 2 movie. It does makes me wonder why I haven't picked up on it any sooner?

You need to install a plugin for it to work and I have a feeling it only works on Internet Explorer.


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Augmented Reality watch

Being a great fan of Augmented Reality I love to see the development of AR in technique as well as its use and purpose. Here is a nice commercial use of AR which really captures the audience imagination. Tissot launched a first AR window at Selfridges, London. To experience it yourself check out www.tissot.ch/reality to download the application at home.

"Augmented Reality watch" - Tissot

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