Dave's kladblog is the inspirational blog of myself and my company Ontwerp in Uitvoering (Design in Progress). I focus on visualization through animation, illustration and sculptures. But I love to do everything! This blog will contain bits about design, branding, applied arts, media, managing creativity and lots more. Have fun!

Facebook hardcopy

A clever campaign for Bougues Telecom by DDB (Paris, France): the Facebook book. Then it was just a cool idea but it seems to have become reality (check this).

"Bouygues Telecom: Flashback Book Facebook App" - carlosmerigo

Tags: advertising, concept, design

New directions in advertising

There is a new way how advertisers get people to pay attention to their messages (and brands): provide opportunities for the public to get involved and engage. Here is an example by Coca Cola. Read an article about this on Creative Review.

"Coca Cola happiness truck" - Coca Cola

Tags: advertising, interaction

Time sculpture

Toshiba took the idea from Michel Gondry's music video "Come into my world" for Kylie Minogue (2001) and made it into their commercial "Time sculpture" (launched in 2009) by Grey London. It seems a mind-blowing 25 million dollars (!!!) were spend to create this. But what does it has to do with Toshiba? What does it promote? I don't quite get it. Nevertheless, enjoy.

"Toshiba - time sculpture"

Tags: advertising, video

Histor promotion

To generate free publicity which justifies a large investment you have to be creative and cutting edge. And even then it can only work if it gets picked up by the potential target group. No details are known on how succesfull it was but what a great brand activation project by Brandbase/Edelman for Histor using a projection mapping technique.

Histor - Colour explosion from BrandBase on Vimeo.

Tags: branding, projection mapping, advertising