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I/M/D at TodaysArt Festival


As coördinator of Interactive/Media/Design at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague (Netherlands) I'm proud to present our department at the upcoming TodaysArt Festival in The Hague. The Institute for Urgent Matters and Tom Laan are two I/M/D initiatives who will present themselves at the festival.

IFUM is a multi-disciplinary design collective initiated by students of the department Interactive/Media/Design led by Johan Gustavson. Tom Laan is a young DJ and Producer, 4th year student at I/M/D and founder of the Stripewaves platform.

IFUM about their project: The insecurity of today’s  art society is being tested by the I/M/D department of the Royal Academy of Art in collaboration with TodaysArt. From start till end the IFUM-team is ready to help and solve any urgent matters concerning creativity. With the expertise of various artists, visitors are welcome to show their work and gain advice in knowledge and inspiration or get help in overcoming their artistic blockage. The expertise of the IFUM-team ranges from music and poetry to paintings and short films. IFUM also offers materials and inspirational resources for the public to express their urgent messages. These pieces of art will be exhibited in the greenhouse during the festival for all visitors to view. The IFUM-team hopes to share all important messages from the public with the public.

About Tom Laan: Tom does not limit himself to one type of media by exploring and combining intersections between the fields of interaction design, graphic design, moving image and – off course – music. You might know him from his Crowd-DJ installation, which he presented at TodaysArt Session #1 on the 22nd of April 2011. As a DJ and producer Tom is constantly searching for new developments in music over a wide variety of styles, ranging from industrial/breakcore to dubstep to wonky/broken beat concepts.

Go check them out during the TodaysArt Festival, The Hague. For more information go to http://todaysart.org.


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"Seat" sculpture Marjon Katerberg

zitsculptuur Marjon Katerberg

Come, watch and enjoy the "seat sculpture" by Marjon Katerberg!

The sculpture stands next to the Tropenmuseum in the Dapperbuurt in Amsterdam.


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An "Oink" from Sjeng

Expect the unexpected when you have a day at Sjeng's. Will be continued soon!

Project "Oink"

Thanks, Jan!


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